Abidia Wireless

Abidia Wireless

Control ebay from anywhere on your Java phone

Experience the freedom from eBay that only your wireless phone can provide. Combine the power of eBay with the mobility of a wireless device. Free yourself from the home or office and use eBay on the road, in a meeting, or simply from the comfort of your couch, anywhere your busy life takes you. Sellers and buyers alike will enjoy the ability to search, browse, bid, and monitor active auction items directly on their mobile device, from anywhere. Experience the full power of eBay anywhere you may be, everywhere you need.

Abidia’s remarkable BidSync technology lets you perform searches for all of your favorite items, including images. Simply enter the keywords that you are interested in, and then items with images will be transferred to your mobile device. You can select items from searches to watch, bid, or monitor with one hand via your devices keypad or touch screen. The items will be synchronized with your My eBay account. You can easily see when you have won, been out bid, an item has sold, or an item has a new bid.

Abidia Wireless comes equipped with features specifically tailored to the needs of both buyers and sellers. Abidia Wireless is a good way to find items if you are a buyer, and to research competitive prices and products if you are a seller. Abidia Wireless maintains and synchronizes your watch list between your cell phone and eBay, and allows you to bid on items. You can view the status of your active auctions, and the details of any items that have sold successfully, as well as items that did not sell.

Key Features:

  • Search eBay items
  • Browse eBay items
  • Watch eBay items
  • Bid on eBay items
  • Monitor selling items
  • Sync with My eBay
  • International eBay sites

Poweful client for managing your eBay auctions.

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Abidia Wireless


Abidia Wireless